About Us

Welcome to Squishy Tushy!

Hi! My name is Nuri, owner and creator at Squishy Tushy.

I created this brand when my 3rd baby, Israh, was born in April 2019. I felt the need to have beautiful, practical and easy garments for my baby.. At decent prices! It was then that my journey begun.

It's a one woman show from carefully selecting the delicate fabrics that will clothe my little clients, to packaging and sending off parcels to their forever homes. I love a happy customer and wish to create beautiful, practical & unique garments in the years to come.

I'd love if you could stay on this journey with me as we grow from strength to strength. You know what they say: as a small business, we do a happy dance every time someone makes a purchase.

Happy shopping for your Squishy Tushy.


Nuri xxx