Can My 3 Month Old Be Teething Already!?

Nuriyah Gallow

Having a baby is tough work! We know, as parents, that teething is inevitable and it's bound to start a few months down the line. But as early as 3 months? I have a 3 month old and she has been showing early signs of teething. Rubbing gums, drooling and she's somewhat irritable to name a few.

I thought that after 2 kids I would know the signs and symptoms by now. However each baby is different and honestly, I cannot remember that far back. So I thought I'd do some research. I came across an article on the Colgate website that was quite reassuring so I thought I'd share the information that I found helpful.

Here it is:

Rubbing Their Gums and Drooling

Babies generally love to put things in their mouths, but when the teething process begins the process of rubbing things on their gums may become excessive. Putting something in their mouth, from a teething ring to rubbing the site of the gum tissue, is a definite sign that your baby could be cutting a tooth. Make sure to keep any unsafe items that pose a choking hazard out of your baby's reach and offer soft teething toys to chew on.

Along with this process, you may find that your little one has turned into a fountain of drool. Some babies will drool so much that they may soak their clothes and develop a rash on their cheeks and chin. To keep your baby comfortable, and rash-free, gently dry his chin and change wet clothes throughout the day.


Some babies cut their teeth with no fussiness, but for others the teething process can be difficult and painful. If your baby seems cranky or is crying, despite otherwise being healthy, it may be a sign that a tooth will be pushing its way through the gums soon.


If your once great sleeper has begun waking up at night or is refusing to take naps, it may be a sign of teething. Even adults have a difficult time sleeping when they are experiencing discomfort, and the same is true for your baby. You may both lose a little rest, but be assured that your little one will likely get back to him old sleep patterns once his tooth has erupted.

Loss of Appetite

If your baby is on a nursing strike, it may be a teething symptom. Sucking on a bottle or nursing can irritate sore gums. Just keep trying to feed him until the pain subsides. If you are concerned that your baby isn't eating enough be sure to consult with your pediatrician.

Please note this is in no way medical advice. Please seek the professional opinion of a doctor if there are any medical questions. These are just my findings.


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