About Squishy Tushy

Squishy Tushy was born a few days after my 3rd baby was born in April 2019. 

A flow of inspiration rushed over me as I felt the need to provide beautiful garments for my little squish.

We love neutrals, naturals and florals so I decided to create my own, keeping both genders in mind. 

This is a story born out of love for little people but more importantly keeping them comfortable. 

Retro Ribbed Set
Retro Ribbed Set
Retro Ribbed Set

Retro Ribbed Set

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Our Brand

We aim to keep our products high quality, practical timeless. Most of our garments are unisex so that parents of both girls and boys can enjoy our full range. We always keep practicality in mind, ensuring ease for our little clients and of course to make it easy for mommies and daddies when it comes to changing time.